About Corrente Bello

Corrente Bello is a luxury community with magnificent views of the Boise range in the heart of beautiful Eagle, Idaho. A family friendly neighborhood conveniently located near schools, shopping, recreation, and nature, Corrente Bello is a thriving, old world inspired community with a variety of lifestyle opportunities right where you live: Lush landscaping, breathtaking water features and tranquil ponds, resort style community pool and clubhouse, bocce ball court, parks and playground, and miles of walking pathways located just a stone's throw from downtown Eagle. Corrente Bello brings natures artistry into harmony with refined architecture and design to create a unique combination of natural grace and sophisticated elegance - an experience that lets you know you have found home in one of the finest communities in the country.

Fountain Update

The Corrente Bello "Fountain Committee" has been asked to analyze what is needed to get the large center fountain up and running again. This Committee is a group of three that volunteered to participate in this project at the annual meeting. They will be taking a look at the costs to make all needed repairs, the cost of on-going maintenance, and the annual operating costs. The Committee's charge is to make a recommendation to the Board on how best to proceed.

As they work through this analysis, they would also like to gather input from all of the Corrente Bello homeowners about what else could be done with the space in the event that it is decided that the cost to repair and maintain the feature is too burdensome. This is not to say that this will be the outcome, but the Committee just wants to see of others have alternative ideas.

If you have suggestions or recommendations, please send them to me at and I will compile the information to give to the Committee.

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Division 2 Monument Update

On Friday, October 21, 2016 the monument at the entrance of Division 2 was hit and damaged as a contractor towing an excavator was leaving the neighborhood. The incident has caused some of the roof tiles and rocks to become loose.

The monument has been examined by a structural engineer and the Board is working insurance in order to get the monument repaired in the Spring. The monument is safe to drive under according to the structural engineer.

Please do not use the other side of the road to exit the neighborhood in order to avoid the side that was hit. This makes it unsafe for other drivers trying to enter Corrente Bello.

If you have any questions, please call Sentry Mgt. at 208-323-1080 x59506 or x59501.

Committee To Research
Irrigation Water Options

Last Fall, the Board appointed three HOA members to a Water Committee to investigate the status of the Association’s water rights, the status of the irrigation water delivery system, options for increasing water supply (water shares) and alternatives for additional water storage. The Committee is chaired by Tom Ahlquist, with members Terry Olsen and Gary Snyder. All three gentlemen have significant and extensive experience in these matters and have a history of the irrigation in the subdivision.

The Committee gave an oral report at the January 2017 annual meeting overviewing their work to date. The Board will also most likely engage SPF Water Engineering for additional support of this project. The Committee’s evaluation will be conducted in several stages and their recommendations will be given to the Board for any final decision making.

Collections of Deliquent Accounts

The Corrente Bello Board of Directors has entered into an agreement with Vial Fotheringham, Attorneys at Law, to handle collections actions when an owner has become severely delinquent in paying their annual HOA assessments. The formal Resolution for Collections which outlines the process to be followed when an account has become delinquent can be viewed here.